Still brewing, still learning

So right now I have another attempt at a my Jump Cannon Saison furiously bubbling away at a balmy 25°C, third times the charm! This time I have dialed the bitterness right back by reducing both the boiling hops and the dried orange peel additions. I've also just added 40g of Southern Cross hops, mid fermentation, to try out this new method of dry hopping which supposedly adds bright juicy flavors without adding noticeable bitterness. I hoping that the peppery notes of the hops plays up the spicy nature of the rye so that I end up with a light and refreshing beer that still has some complex interplay between the hops, malt and yeast. The yeast this time is the Belgian Saison I from White Labs, and they are absolutely loving the warmer fermentation temperature. I'm not sure how long I will keep it above 20°C for but I would like a drier beer so as long as it keeps bubbling I'll it nice and cozy.

This time round with bottling I will drop the priming right down to about 3 to 4 g/L (depending on my FG) because the last two batches have been extremely over carbonated, to the point where a friend even suggested I rename the beer "Foam Cannon". Apparently this blend of yeast has a tendency to stall at medium temperatures, leaving behind plenty of residual sugars that they happily munch on once bottled, leading to a very foamy mess a few months later. Alternatively I might just throw in some more yeast when I transfer it to the secondary fermenter so just clean up anything left behind. I've not had much luck with re-pitching in the past but it is a cheap and easy precaution to take none the less.

With winter setting in next in the line up will be my Einstein Lager and I'm not planning to make many changes as I'm am really happy with how the last batch turned out, so this will be a lesson in repeated ability!