Latest Batch of Grace Hopper

To say this brew is earthy would be putting it mildly.
A more honest statement would be to say it tastes like a mouthful of dirt.
Definitely time to rethink the recipe as there is far too much bitterness, very little aroma and no black pepper at all. Yet. More on that below.

Maybe a few more weeks in the bottle could help mellow it out a bit, but it still wont be the beer I'm after, so it is back to the drawing board on this one.

For one, I want more control over the bittering, so I'll be moving away from pre-hopped kits and instead I'll try using plain malt extracts and adding my own hops. I'll also aim to get the green beer into a secondary fermenter sooner so that it isn't sitting on trub for too long, as I am definitely picking up a lot of vegetal notes from the spent hops.

I might also try green peppercorns, and throw them in at flame-out rather than boiling. With all of my other pepper beers, and there have been many, the flavor didn't really didn't develop until after a few months and then the pepper comes to the front. I'm not sure why, or how that is, but it's certainly been the case a few times now, so maybe this batch just need to sit and mature for a while yet.